Novice Driving School and Advanced HPDE at Watkins Glen

June 28, 2021 to June 29, 2021
This will be a “hybrid DE”, with open lapping for advanced drivers and one instructed run group for novice drivers. Lots of track time, run until you are out of gas or tires! Data coaching will also be offered. Please see the GVC website for addition information about this event.
Qualifications: • Novice (Group 4): First-timers and beginners with less than three events (SLIP L1 – L2). • Open Lapping: Pre-Approved Advanced students (SLIP L3 – L4) • Open Lapping: Solo/Group S (SLIP L4 and up) • Open Lapping: HPDE Instructors, licensed amateur club racers (SLIP L5 and up) *SLIP (Skill Level Instruction Program) is a standardized system for evaluating and tracking a student's HP driving skills. Information about SLIP is available by downloading this document: • Novice Instructed: Four ~25 min. sessions per day. • Open-lappers (including novice group instructors): Open Track format with breaks for the Novice Instructed run group Novice Group Exercises: • Organized group driving exercises are done during the first 10 min. of one (or more) novice group sessions each day. • The exercises, such as close-quarters side-by-side lapping, pair-wise "leap-frog" passing, and trail-braking with "late" passing into corners, are intended to improve passing skills, traffic management, and situational flexibility. Classroom: • Novice students attend three mandatory 30-45 minute-long classroom sessions each day, led by a senior instructor • Advanced Data Coaching participants meet with ADC Coaches for data review sessions after each track session. ADC fee is $250 for a two-day program. Loaner AiM Solo 2 data loggers included. Bonus Features (complimentary unless otherwise noted): • GVC Driver’s Resource Center: The center of event operations. Helpful advice and assistance for all participants and guests • Mechanical and technical services for your car available on-site from "The Little Speed Shop" (discounted parts and labor for participants) • Tire, performance parts auctions, beer and swag courtesy of our generous sponsors (Covid-19 regulations permitting) Group S: Group S is GVC's "A-Solo" program, and is open only to upper-level experienced drivers who have successfully passed a checkout for the Group. Checkout for admission to Group S is carried out by the Group S coaching staff. Drivers seeking admission to Group S MUST register as an "Advanced" driver using the "Group S checkout" option. This option is limited to 5-6 drivers at any given event. Please visit the GVC website for complete details about our HP driving schools, including prices and the Group S application procedure. Convertibles: Please see the GVC website for our policy.


Sean Grant
2790 County Route 16
NY, Watkins Glen 14891