Mountain Top HPDE at New York Safety Track (NYST)

May 15, 2021 to May 16, 2021
This is a great track with a technical, flowing layout. Lots of track time for open-lapping. We will also offer our Advanced Data Coaching program with our AiM Solo 2 data recorders and one-on-one coaching for drivers that want to raise their driving game to higher levels.
This challenging circuit offers a great opportunity to further develop your high performance driving skills in an open-track format. There will be two run groups, fast and faster, which will alternate on track each day, all day. You assign yourself to one or the other run group according to your preferred pace and comfort level. Regardless of which run group you choose initially, after a couple sessions in the morning running separately, drive in either group when the track is "green" as long as appropriate respect is paid to the run group's pace and "culture". All standard BMW CCA safety protocols and passing rules will be in effect. Instructors are available by special arrangement for those new to NYST. A classroom session will be held to review track layout and procedures. To be confirmed for this event, drivers must satisfy one or more of the following criteria: • BMW CCA: Group S (or equivalent); Group 2 (advanced) and upper-level Group 3 (intermediate) drivers previously signed off to solo; SLIP rating L3 or higher. • PCA: Solo-qualified drivers (White or Black run group). • MSF-certified Level 1 or 2 instructors, and active GVC Instructors in good standing. • Amateur (club) racers with valid competition licenses. • Autocrossers with verifiable experience. Please be sure your logbook is up to date. Unsure whether you qualify? Please contact Bill O'Neill or Jay Sofianek (GVC Chief Instructors). To keep crowding at this small track to a minimum during the pandemic emergency, participants are limited to two guests. All guests must sign the NYST and GVC waivers immediately upon arrival. Convertibles: We do not accept convertibles at our Driving Schools. The only exceptions to this rule are cars such as a 'Spec Miata' (roll cage and bolted / welded on hard top), and cars such as a 911 Targa. If you have questions, email the Student Registrar before you apply.


Sean Grant
396 Zimmerman Rd
NY, Jefferson 12093