Gimmick Rally 2021

March 28, 2021
Bolt People Award Trophy
Join us for a simple Gimmick Rally, where drivers & navigators find the answers to clues along a well-defined route. The top 3 teams will receive a unique trophy from
Gimmick Rally 1:00p-6:30p from Downtown Decatur, TX. A Gimmick Rally is a scavenger hunt looking for the answers to clues along a pre-defined route. We’ll set a time-limit to the event and keep us within reasonable distance of the city. The winner is the one that answers the most Gimmicks correctly with arrival time and check point times being the tie-breaker. Starting Point: Sweetie Pies Ribeyes (201 W Main St, Decatur, TX 76234). Arrive early if you want to have lunch there. We will end in Roanoke, TX. Registration is required. Please email to add your name and your navigator to the list of participants. Please include the vehicle you will be using and a phone number in case we need to communicate during the event. You will need a pen and a clipboard to write the answers to the gimmicks along the route.


Raymond Mimick
201 W Main St
TX, Decatur 76234