2020 Underground Autosports Meeting

August 15, 2020
General Membership meeting at Underground Autosports for information on getting your car ready for a track event They will also be doing some dyno tests.
Our member meeting willl be at Underground Autosports and Brandon and his team will show you how to be track ready for 2020, and also to see if your car has the power you think it has! Register now as we will have a busy morning on Saturday the 15th as we talk track prep and test. From 10am-noon we will have a car on the lift to go over what you need to look at when prepping for the season and after 12pm, Brandon and the Underground team will open up their Dyno so you will have a chance to see the power your car is pushing at the wheels. Register – email at please mark that subject as Underground, or August meet up.


David Augustine
18 Golf Center
IL, 18 Golf Center 60169