Club Social - Brazil Terra Grill Steakhouse, West Des Moines- 6:30 pm

August 11, 2020
Provide our customers with an authentic Brazilian dining experience by serving delicious food in a unique atmosphere. We believe in offering exceptional customer service and we hire and train staff in alignment with our purpose, goals and values.
Behind every good restaurant is a great story and Brazil Terra Grill is no exception. Kleber de Souza, founder of Brazil Terra Grill, grew up in the southern region of Brazil. Even though he immigrated to the states at the age of 22, his Brazilian heritage has always been near to his heart. Having good food, family and friends around is a blessing and a huge part of his Brazilian culture-a culture that he has continued to cultivate throughout his life. After living in several other states, sharing his love of Brazilian barbeque with family and friends, Kleber moved to Iowa. It was then that he and his family knew it was time to share their passion for the Brazilian culture and cuisine with others. Since then, Kleber and his family have been working hard to create what is now known as Brazil Terra Grill!


Alison Bell
2800 University Ave #405
IA, West Des Moines 50266