Wine Country Tour 2020

March 10, 2020
2020 is a symbolic year. We look back with fondness over the last five years we’ve conducted the Wine Country Tour. We are also looking forward to 2020’s tour and beyond.
This region offers some amazing scenery, fun roads, and world-class wines. Running our cars in a spirited dash between vineyards is a release and an “automotive cleansing”after a long winter and rainy spring. In May the skies turn blue and colorful wildflowers spring to life in a scenic mosaic. Some of the wineries are stately and impressive to behold, but we also love the small family-owned estates with intimate tasting rooms and terraces with breathtaking views. We love food too, and our tour includes a delicious brunch at the vineyard where the tour will be starting. After visiting other vineyards, we will enjoy a catered lunch. The tour is self-guided, to allow folks to linger at their favorite tasting rooms. Usually, there are several impromptu groups that run together. Vision and focus is especially important in the twisties! Plan on joining us as we set our sights on a new adventure in the beautiful Columbia Gorge. More info coming soon!


Buck Bailey
3955 Belmont Dr
OR, Hood River 97031