Fort Worth Meet & Greet

February 19, 2020
Join us for our Monthly Meet and Greet at Cork & Pig Tavern,5224 N. O’Connor Blvd, Irving, TX. 75039. There is free valet parking available after you turn right on the side street at the front entrance. Restaurant is on the right side of the street. Come and meet a few people along the way.
We’ll kick back and relax talking about cars, autocross, track days, tours, and our favorite hobbies. Take a moment to come on out, bring a friend and meet some old and new friends during the get-together. Please RSVP to let J.O. Miller know if you are attending, so we have enough seating available for you to join us. ( Santiago is working to demonstrate the new 2-series Gran Coupe here or on Thursday.


JO Miller
cost of dinner (~20) or drinks
5224 North O'Connor Blvd Ste 116
TX, Irving 75039