Pittsburgh DE Trillium/Allegheny BMW CCA

September 14, 2020 to September 16, 2020
Trillium Chapter BMW CCA and Allegheny Chapter BMW CCA are excited to host this DE event at Pittsburgh International Race Complex on Monday-Wednesday September 14-16, 2020. All DE students and instructors are encouraged to participate in this event - this is now a world-class track.
To attend this event you must be a member of Trillium or Allegheny Chapter BMW CCA with dues paid up, or a current member of another BMW CCA chapter, BMW Clubs Canada, or CASC-OR club. You must also be 18 years of age or older and have a full driver's license (not a provisional or learners permit), which is not suspended or revoked. Please note that this event runs during the week, Monday through Wednesday. We will allow Advanced "A" Group students to run with the Solos and Instructors on the first day, without an instructor in the car. On days 2 and 3, Advanced students will have an instructor. If you have never attended a Trillium Chapter event in the past you will need to send a detailed track driving resume to Your resume must detail: Your current driver proficiency level (intermediate, advanced) The make, model, year, and modifications to your car Driving/racing organizations and tracks you have experience with The total number of track days you have run over how many years The type of events (driving schools, club days, open lapping, race schools, time trials, etc.) that you have run If you have been signed off to drive solo, how long ago and how many track days you have driven solo The name and email address for two references (HPDE Chief Instructor, driving instructor/coach or licensed racer) In addition, please see the following requirements. Pre-requisites and Conditions You must bring an approved and signed Technical Inspection Form You must bring an approved and signed BMW Trillium waiver PLEASE NOTE: CARS EQUIPPED WITH COLLISION AVOIDANCE BRAKING SYSTEMS AND/OR LANE DEPARTURE CORRECTIVE SYSTEMS: Only BMW cars equipped with these systems will be allowed. Please note that convertibles are not allowed by our insurance for this event. Your car must be inspected by a licensed mechanic according to all of the criteria on the club's technical inspection form. At the time of your inspection you must ensure your mechanic completes and signs the form. This inspection should be completed no earlier than 4 weeks before the driving school. You must present the completed and signed form on the morning of the first day of the driving school. Without a completed and signed form you will not be allowed out on the track. Please refer to the event website for a complete list of requirements.


Isi Papadopoulos
All 3 days $500USD early-bird, $550USD after. Instructors $100USD
201 Penndale Rd
PA, Wampum 16157