Driver Tour For BMW'S 21 and Over

September 28, 2019
Picture a cool, crisp, sunny autumn day, with a group of classic BMWs cruising through the valley. Sun glinting off chrome and fresh air blowing through your open windows. That’s our vision for the 21 and Over tour.
Our goal is to focus this event on older BMWs. While some tours and rallies restrict participation to vehicles that are 1973 and older, we want to include newer classics, cars which are 1998 and older (hence the name “21 and Over Tour”). To sign up for the tour, you must be a BMWCCA member, and participate with a vehicle that is 21 years old or older. We will allow non-BMWs that meet the age requirement as well. The Tour will start on Saturday 9/28 at 9:30


Dave MacIntyre
28639 SW Boones Ferry Road
OR, Wilsonville 97070