Pazifik Eskapade

September 20, 2019 to September 22, 2019
Pazifik Escapade 2019
Three days of M cars at the Performance Center West with additional activities for the whole family.
The Coachella Valley has a variety of things to do and see. Join us for three days of driving at the Performance Center and bring along your family. While you are driving they can tour the Salton Sea, check out museums, rent electric bicycles, take a balloon ride or fly in a biplane, go to the La Quinta Resort spa for a little pampering, visit the Living Desert Zoo, and much more. Everyone will meet at the Performance Center for dinner on Saturday then back to the hotel for dessert, a guest speaker and raffle prizes. Take a few extra days off and visit some of the attractions with your friends and family.


Delight Lucas
$250 - $900+
86030 62nd Avenue
CA, Thermal 92274