Trillium BMWCCA Club Race at CTMP

August 02, 2019 to August 04, 2019
Trillium will be hosting the BMW CCA Club Race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP). CTMP is approx. an hour drive northeast of Toronto. This is the only CCA club race that is in Canada.
The ultimate offering for adventurous BMW owners, BMW CCA Club Race events are well known in the motorsport community as fun, safe, and competitive experiences that emphasize clean driving and vehicle preservation. With lots of track time (much more than the competition offers), chapters charge a premium fee for a BMW CCA Club Race event. The BMW Club Race event occupies one time slot in the HPDE schedule and is fully administered by BMW CCA Club Racing. BMW CCA Club Racing is open to licensed racers with other European-made race cars and offers your participants a unique skills progression process. BMW CCA Club Races generate additional excitement at a HPDE and can generate more spectators who can potentially be future HPDE students.


Isi Papadopoulos
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3233 Concession Road #10
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