Rug Cunningham Memorial Autocross

June 29, 2019
Eleven drivers will qualify for our 2018 Runoff by winning their car classes. The winner of the Runoff will get his or her name on the perpetual trophy and will receive a personal trophy to display with pride.
Autocross is a safe and fun way to learn about your car and become a better driver. The course is laid out in a large parking lot far from solid objects. Speeds are low enough (2nd or 3rd gear) that if you start to lose control or spin out, you can just hit your brakes and safely come to a stop. Cars are spaced far apart, so you don't need to worry about two of them coming together. And we have safety workers in strategic positions watching all cars. BMW club membership is required but you don’t have to drive a BMW to participate.


Rob Walker
9449 Friars Rd.
CA, San Diego 92108