Spring Ultimate Driving School #101 at Watkins Glen

April 26, 2019 to April 28, 2019
Spring Ultimate Driving School #101 at Watkins Glen, our first weekend driving school of the year! Open to drivers at all levels. Includes our Novice Track Day, a one-day driving school for beginners on Friday.
Run groups at this school include Novice/beginner (Group 4), Intermediate (Group 3), Advanced (Group 2), Group S (Group 1), and Instructors (Group 0). Groups 1, 2 and 3 are typically limited to 35 cars; Group 4 is capped at no more than 30 to minimize traffic. Other than Group S (an option available only to advanced drivers pre-approved for that group), drivers self-assign to a run group when registering. The Student Registrar reviews the run group selection with the Chief Instructor and makes a "final" assignment based primarily on experience and evaluations (if any). During the school, an instructor may request moving his/her student to a different run group that better matches the student's pace and skill level. Ultimate Driving School • 4 half-hour track sessions per day • Classroom. Groups 2 – 4 will attend three 30-45 minute-long classroom sessions each day, led by a senior instructor • Group Exercises. Organized group driving exercises are done during the first ten minutes in one or more sessions each day. • GVC Driver’s Resource Center:The center of school operations. Helpful advice and assistance for all participants and guests • Novice Orientation (Friday evening, April, June, September schools only, for new drivers.) • Track Walk (Saturday evening, April, June, September schools only, pending availability) • Event Shirt • Mechanical assistance provided by The Little Speed Shop (service charges may apply) • After-hours Party at the track both Friday and Saturday, open to all participants and guests • Banquet: Dinner ($15 per person) with cash bar in the Jack Daniels Club (the "Glen Club") at the track overlooking the Esses, Saturday evening (limited to 150 guests) • Tire and performance parts auctions, and other goodies courtesy of our generous sponsors Novice Track Day (Includes the above plus): • Loaner helmet (if you have one of your own, it must be rated Snell 2010 or 2015, SA or M). • Extending the Novice Track Day to the “Big Weekend” package. See the event webpage for details. Registration Deadline: April 19, 2019


Jim Dresser
2790 County Route 16
NY, Watkins Glen 14891