DIY Clinic - BMW of Birmingham

February 23, 2019
DIY Clinic - BMW of Birmingham
Join us for the first tech session of 2019! Last year's session was very well received, so we've added two session this year. Two of our own chapter members and techs at BMW of Birmingham will host us and demonstrate how to change brake fluid and oil. In addition, BMW of Birmingham is offering a 25% discount on parts purchased during the event. This special is only open to attendees of the event so don't miss out on a chance for a great deal on parts! We will select a vehicle for the demo based on the survey respondents. Club member will be responsible for paying for parts at the discount provided, BMW of Birmingham will provide the labor. BMW of Birmingham has graciously offered to provide lunch for us, so sign up today so we can provide them a headcount.


Todd Lattanzi
1000 Tom Williams Way
AL, Irondal 35210