Thunderbolt Club Race with NASCAR K&N to Benefit Westlake School

June 15, 2018 to June 16, 2018
BMW CCA Club Race at Thunderbolt
A special 2-day Club Racing event in support of the NASCAR K&N professional race to benefit Westlake School. There will be practice, qualifying and 1 race on Fri (when the Westlake students visit) and 2 club races on Sat (in front of spectators).
A TREMENDOUS RACING EVENT - WE ARE A SUPPORT SERIES FOR NASCAR K&N EAST AND BENEFIT FOR WESTLAKE SCHOOL!! Following our success of the last 2 years, we will once again be a support race series for the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East race to be held on Thunderbolt Raceway at NJMP on June 15-16. This is a tremendous opportunity for Club Racing: two days of racing at a professional race series event. This is the chance to showcase Club Racing to an audience that may not be familiar with what we do, sports car racing that has cars in different classes on the track. For other fans, this is a chance to see where current racers such as Will Turner, James Clay, Jeff Segal and our own Jerry Kaufman started. For our participants, we get to see the up and coming NASCAR racers of the future, and maybe teach them a thing or two about road course racing. And, you can tell yourselves that spectators are actually paying to come see you drive! We will have practice, qualifying and 1 race on Fri. Saturday will have practice and 2 races! NASCAR K&N qualifying and race will be on Saturday only. REGISTRATION FOR THIS EVENT IS LIMITED TO 50 CARS. YOU MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE TO ASSURE PARTICIPATION. Please note that we are able to return to our usual "Wheels on track" policy this year. Your card will not be charged until after the event. Each participating racer will be allowed up to 6 crew members and 2 paddock parking passes. Other details of registration times, entry times, paddock parking, etc. will be provided as we get close to the event. VIP Ticket for NASCAR K&N race: We are offering a discounted price VIP ticket for all BMW CCA members for the Saturday K&N race activities if you or your guests wish to take advantage of those activities. The VIP package includes special access to the Officer's Club, a BBQ buffet, special spectator area, special car corral parking and swag. Please use the Driver School registration link to purchase VIP tickets. Don't miss out on this event. Beyond the fun of participating in a professional event, this will be the only chance we have to race on Thunderbolt this season. Note: we are also welcoming PCA-, SCCA- and NASA-licensed racers for this event. Guest Racers will run in the same race as BMW CCA Club Racers but will be categorized as a separate class. To participate in this event, Guest Racers will receive a complimentary BMW CCA Club Racing license per the event requirements.


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