San Diego Autocross

July 22, 2017
This is a safe, fun, and very popular sport. We set up a bunch of cones in an empty parking lot, mapping out a miniature road course, and then, one car at a time, we drive through the cones— and frequently over them —as fast as we can, all while having great fun.
Our autocross course is laid out in a large parking lot far from solid objects. Speeds are low enough (2nd or 3rd gear) that if you start to lose control or spin out, you can just hit your brakes and safely come to a stop, forwards or backwards. You may mow down some cones, but they're rubber and marks usually come off with a bit of wax. Cars are spaced far apart, so you don't need to worry about two of them coming together. And we have safety workers in strategic positions watching all cars; they will signal if two cars are too close. You will generate more tire and brake pad wear than in a trip to the grocery store, but it's not any harder on the mechanical components of your BMW than enthusiastic driving on the street. We promote a safe learning environment and provide instructors to all participants. Your $65.00 entry fee includes beverages, breakfast snacks, and a lunch for each Participant. Participation in the event includes working corners at your scheduled time. It's an all-day event allowing you to explore the full potential of your car in a safe and exciting environment, with plenty of time to meet other BMW CCA members. Thanks to BMW of El Cajon for their support of our autocross program. Helmets must be Snell M or SA 2010 or newer. Qualcomm requires that we do not exceed their sound limit of 91 dB. We will be checking! If you are over, you will not be allowed to run.


Kim Schwarz
9449 Friars Rd
CA, San Diego 92108