FINN'S Auto Restoration Tour

March 25, 2017
We will visit Finn's Auto Restoration in Woodburn, OR. Denny and his team specializes in the restoration of classic cars, from 1960's American muscle cars and hot rods to Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and Ferrari's. This will give us an idea about what is needed to restore or customize our own classic.
Our tour will start in Sherwood and continue to Woodburn, where we will enjoy lunch at a Mexican restaurant. After lunch, we will continue to Finn's Auto Restoration to learn about the processes used to transform a rough classic car into a customized or fully restored car that is as good as when it left the showroom floor. Work includes painting, panel repair or replacement, metal fabrication, suspension rebuilding and repair, engine performance upgrades and repairs, and engine swaps. Do you have a classic car that needs repair or restoration? This is a great way to get an idea about what is needed to transform it into a show car.


Brian Cone
310 Broadway St
OR, Woodburn 97071