Outstanding Chapter Growth and Retention (First Award will be announced Chapter Congress 2015)

The award will follow the same calculations that have been approved by the National Board for Chapter Retention and Growth. These calculations were approved by the National Board of Directors for use in the quarterly Chapter Retention and Growth Report and the Chapter Scorecard. The committee will use the same calculations that are used in the Chapter Scorecard. Growth rate and retention are factored so that zero growth/loss and 80% retention is the baseline with a score of 100. Better performance in either metric will result in a higher score where each additional percentage point is equal to an increase of 1.00. Conversely, member loss or poor retention results in a lower score where each decrease of a percentage point is equal to a deduction of -1.00 As this calculation only considers percentages of growth and retention, chapter size is not a factor. The chapter with the highest combined growth and retention score performed the best. At the conclusion of the reporting period for membership, the highest chapter from each region will be identified.

One finalist from each region will be announced each year at Chapter Congress. The chapter with the highest overall Growth and Retentions will be announced as the overall winner.

  • The Regional Finalists will be mentioned in the Roundel Weekly for 1 issue.
  • The Chapter winner will be listed on the Wall of Honor and on the Recognition Page on the National website during the Calendar year in which they won.