Outstanding Chapter: Charitable Contributions - Financial

Outstanding Chapter Charitable Contributions: Financial and Hour & Time

Chapter Charitable Contributions consists of two awards, One for the highest financial contribution and One for the highest contribution of time. Charitable contributions are self-reported by Chapters based on either total dollar amount or total time given by the members of the chapter towards a charity. The Recognition Committee will use the same criteria that have been approved by the National Board of the BMW CCA. Charitable contributions, both financial and time, will be calculated on a per capita basis (number of members in the chapter). The number of chapter members will be based on the average number of TOTAL MEMBERS for the eligibility period (full calendar year) as reported on the membership reports from the National office. At the conclusion of the reporting period for the chapters, National reports will be used to determine two Winners, (one for financial contribution, one for contributions of time) in each region. *Note: there may be years that a region will not have a finalist for one of the categories. In the event of this situation, the award will be based on the finalists from the remaining regions. The single chapter with the highest Charitable Financial Contribution and the single chapter with the highest Charitable Contribution of Time will receive the annual award.

  • The Regional Finalists may be announced via BimmerLife when the results become available from the National Office.
  • The Regional Finalists of both the Charitable Contributions Awards (financial and time) may be listed in BimmerLife. The winning chapters will be designated as "WINNER" and "finalist".
  • Only the two chapters with the highest charitable contribution (financial or time) will be listed on the Wall of Honor and on the Recognition Page on the National website during the calendar year in which they won.