Another Car I Can’t Win—But You Can!

Our Car Of Your Dreams raffle was a topic at the recent BMW CCA Board meeting, held in conjunction with the Chapter Congress in Dallas. You might think that CCA Board members might not care all that much about the raffle, since they are not eligible to win anything. I, too, am ineligible—but I am always excited by the raffle, partly because I always wonder if other people’s dreams are the same as mine.
And then there’s the income for the Club.
Members who pay attention to our annual financial statements know that our annual raffle has become a vital part of our annual fund-raising efforts; because it has been so successful in the past, we have not had to raise our dues for several years now. But because our promotional materials for the Car Of Your Dreams raffle—in the mail, online, or via e-mail—have become so professional, I have occasionally heard from suspicious members who wonder if this isn’t some scam promoted by outside sources.
I assure you that it’s legit—and an important program when it comes to the financial health of the BMW CCA.
This year the Ultimate Grand Prize, or whatever it’s called, is way cool: Yes, you get a new M4, and that’s cool all by itself; but to boost the value of this prize to stratospheric levels, they’ve made it a total dream package: the M4 and the adventure of picking it up at BMW Welt in Germany. The total value of this prize is $110,000. (Of course, there’s always a cash-equivalency option; the last time we gave away an actual car, it was last year’s one-of-a-kind Club special M3 coupe.)
I am not eligible, as I say, so I won’t be buying any raffle tickets. But I am worried that members who are eligible may leave things too late this year. We always draw the tickets for the raffle at Oktoberfest, and most years, that’s in August, September, or even—gasp!—October.
But this year, the raffle ends in June.
I don’t know about you, but lately the months have been sneaking by for me. I’m still having trouble grasping the idea that it’s 2014, and I was astounded to realize that this week mark the beginning of spring—spring, while I know quite a few people who are still up to their fetlocks in snow! And I just know that a lot of people who enjoy the raffle, who are planning to buy a few tickets—remember, there’s no limit to the number you may buy—will get busy as spring rolls on toward summer, and then they’ll turn around and read about the Oktoberfest drawings and say, “Wait a minute! I meant to buy tickets this year!” (Avoid that anguished moan! Click here to buy tickets!)
Somebody is going to win one of the first new M4s to roll off the assembly line—and take delivery in Munich. I know I’m not eligible, but right now I’m thinking of tagging along with the winner. Hey, maybe I can be your tour guide! I know of a couple of terrific restaurants in Munich—and I know how to get to the Nürburgring, too!—Satch Carlson