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Discussion in 'F01/F02 (2009-present)' started by jrjmpls, Dec 20, 2010.

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    jrj, please realize the club consists of some 70k members, and whoever's posting here on the forums are only a very small subset of the club members, and not all who participate here _are_ club members. It would be illogical to conclude from ONE member's comment that everyone in the club is the same as, or of the same opinion as, one, single member. If you got out to some local area events or meetings, I suspect you'd find the gang to be as friendly and fun to interact with as I (and many, many others) have found virtually all club members from all over the country to be, over the last 25 years (or more!).

    The virtually unanimous suggestion for snow tires to address your suffering a lack of traction is borne out of long-standing collective experience with rwd BMW's in low-traction, inclement-weather, winter conditions. Your experience to the contrary over your driving career in whatever vehicles you've had is obviously different from what most of us have experienced with our BMW's - which is fine; if you've been able to get around without snow tires, great, more power to ya.

    I could almost guarantee you that if you'd been driving BMW's through Minnesota winters since the 70's or 80's, you would have found that the _only_ way to not get stuck frequently, or hopelessly be sliding all over, would have been to opt for a limited-slip differential AND snow tires. That, of course, doesn't address the specifics of your situation - it's possible the specifics of your driving history have been such that for some reason or another it never became enough of a problem to require considering snow tires with whatever you were driving. But, as this thread highlights, there are reasons why sports sedans, even the largest, most expensive, most luxurious ones, may not perform optimally in winter conditions on the stock shoe rubber. If you _have_ been driving BMW's for the last 40+ years without snow tires in Minnesota winters with no struggles, you have a secret to share with the rest of us that I suspect we'd all want to know! ;)

    I can see how you might not appreciate 301630's opinion, but remember, it's only an opinion, & that not only is this only the internet, but that it is not the goal of seventy-thousand-plus club members to criticize your personal choices, whatever they may be.

    I'm _reasonably_ sure most everyone who replied to be of help would want to see you enjoying your car, and able to cruise around in all conditions with no problems. I do hope your winter with your new 7 is going well!
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    Seriously? I'll tell you what. You write the hypothetical reply you wanted to see and then see if we didn't already tell you that.

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    You're right, of course. Most of the replies were helpful rather than critical and most surely represent the tone of the CCA. I think it's just too bad that there are some people that seem only to have negative thoughts and seem to need to criticize anything and everything! I suppose they want to make everyone else as miserable as they are.
    To those with helpful comments and suggestions-Thanks a lot! I appreciate it.

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