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z3, z4, z4 g2/ stirring it up!

Discussion in 'BMW' started by 330indy1, Mar 11, 2009.

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    my comment:
    The z3 = classic
    It is still cool, even though retro. The handling is fun if not pinned down, it has a graceful shape and is so little, it is just..... cool.

    The 1st gen. z4 = slow burn love affair.
    At first it was a bit weird (not love at first sight) and controversial as most would attest. But over time its revolutionary design has kept it fresh and still one of the most modern vehicles on the road. It has aged beautifully, and the M version is stellar. After years of looking at it, it appears to be carved out of a solid chunk of metal, especially the side view. The class-leading chassis rigidity did wonders for handling. I prefer the looks of the soft top. The design approach looks pure.

    The 2nd gen. z4 = one nighter
    I really want to like it. Kinda like a girl you date vs. the girl you marry.
    The front nose is weird - vertical, I guess for Europe pedestrian impact/ safety standards (just like the new 7). The rear takes cues from the 6 series, my least favorite series. Side view is overdone and the lines don't have character.... they're just.... there....
    Good initial looks, but the more I study it, the less I like it. Perhaps they wanted to remove the controversial gen. 1 lines and smooth it out for wider appeal(?)
    Maybe it will grow on me like gen. 1
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Tell ya what I'm gonna do. . .

    Well, hey: How about I go drive the new Z4 and write it up for Roundel?

    Would next week be all right?

    That's all right, no need to thank me; we live to serve!

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    you da man!!

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