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Z3 Srs System Repair

Discussion in 'E36/7 Z3 (1996-2002)' started by sorren, May 10, 2010.

    sorren guest

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    Looking for procedures to replace the SRS control unit and drivers side seat belt buckle assembly:1996 1.9 convertible
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    For safety reasons, the SRS system in BMW's is not user serviceable

    You're going to either have to take it to the dealer or to an independent service center that is able to service BMW SRS modules. Even if you could do a DIY service on it, you'd still have to take it a service center with a GT1 service computer to reset any codes or faults in the module.

    Due to the potential dangerous and explosive nature of the SRS system, it's highly adviseable that you don't fool with this on any level.

    willconltd guest

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    Odds are you just smashed the wires on the seat occupancy sensor on the bottom of the Z3 passenger seat. Its very common. A good fix is to triple check the wires for breakage, and then wrap them up and make sure they are clipped to the seat. Most of the problems are caused by jamming crap behind/under the passenger seat that damages the wiring.

    Go buy one of these from various retailers for around $100...


    Then reset the light after you fix the problem. It may come back, but you can fix it again and reset the light. Also this tool will tell you which sensor is setting off the light, and I bet its the passenger occupancy sensor. Very common.

    It would be pretty dumb to replace the whole damned thing, because it will just come back again if its your occupancy sensor. You don't need to touch the airbags in any way. However, if you ever do, just unplug the battery and let it sit overnight to discharge the SRS system and then you can handle the airbags just fine without worries.

    Fixing your issue should take about an hour diagnosing the wire damage under the seat. Don't need to remove the seat, just inspect carefully. I bet you could probably fix it by just adjusting it gently then resetting the SRS light.

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