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X6 ads all over LinkedIn

Discussion in 'E71/E72 X6 (2008-present)' started by 330indy1, May 19, 2008.

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    as I browse LinkedIn I see the X6 ads plastered all over the place. I guess they are focusing heavily on the business professional segment.

    I wonder how sales are going?

    hbosch guest

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    X6 and Rear Seats

    I was seriously looking at the X6 to replace my Porsche Cayenne S. The problem I ran into is the fact that the back seat only accommodates 2 passengers with no option to have a regular 3 or 4 seat option.

    This, in my opinion, would be an option BMW should consider to broaden the targeted audience for the X6 since the body style and features make it a more attractive vehicle to me than the X5.

    I guess, the X5 will have to do for now?!

    leonelm3 guest

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    the X6 !!!

    I agree

    my wife and I just ordered our X6 and will sell our Cayenne.

    the back seat was an issue. it does only seat 2 comfortably with no options but we only have 2 daughters. screw everyone else especially since they don't pay at the pump ;-)

    So the X6 it is...............

    hbosch guest

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    Cayenne for X6

    Enjoy the new X6. Did you get the 3 Liter or the 5 liter? Can't wait to hear future comments from you on this car.

    By the way, Love your wheels on the Cayenne!!

    leonelm3 guest

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    My Cayenne for the New X6 50i

    Thank you,

    It is the Turbo charged 400bhp 4.4L

    I too thought it was a 5.0 because of the model number but reading the details or spec sheet stated 4.0 V-8 but the P.O. states 4.4 V-8. i guess that was a typo on the initial literature

    and it is unclear on whether it is a Single Turbo or Twin Turbo. either way, 400 BHP is More then enough :D

    pictures will not be ready until atleast Holloween / election Day :cool:

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