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Winter Tire Selection for 2020 X3 M - BMW No Help

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by rocklord, Oct 10, 2019.

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    My wife just ordered a 2020 X3 M to replace her 2017 X3 35i. The M series comes with staggered three season performance tires, 255/45/20 and 265/45/20. My plan is to purchase a set of wheels and winter tires so that the summer ones can be swapped out before the white stuff starts falling. I want to make sure the size(s) of the winter tires are the ones recommended by BMW.

    This is where my search goes south. I went on the shop.bmwusa.com website to see what cold weather wheel and tire assemblies are available. To my frustration, no wheel and tire sets are listed for the X3 M. There are sets listed for the X3 M40i, but not the X3 M. I then stopped by the BMW dealership and spoke to her salesperson. He couldn't answer my question while I was there, but would research it and get back with me.

    All I want to know is what minimum wheel diameter is recommended for the X3 M (to clear the brakes) and if the same width wheels/tires can be used on the front and back, or a staggered set is required?

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    Tire Rack offers square whl/tire pkgs.for the '20 X3 M, so I don't think there's any problem there - the issue with awd/x-drive is there not being too much difference in rolling dia. front-to-rear lest the traction control systems freak out. No problems there with a square setup. Plus you can rotate the tires seasonally to even out the wear and maximize your usage of them, at least up to the point they age out after 6 years.

    My personal preference is for the lightest-weight wheels that can be had at a reasonable price - 5-spokes or open-spoke designs are less hassle to clean. You'll need tire pressure monitoring sensors too. Tire Rack of course can put all that together, just search their website to see wheels & tires. Me, though pricey, I like Michelins, so I'd go for the Michelin Latitude Alpin LA2 in 255/45r20. The sub-28lb wheels are pricey BBS's, so me, I'd go for something in the next weight category.

    See https://www.tirerack.com, peruse square winter tire/wheel packages for your model, & see if there are wheels u like - you can order online or hit them up with any questions.
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    Yes you will need to run a square set up for winter that’s normally what BMW sells any way.
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    I've had excellent results both from traction/handling and tread wear, etc, with Michelin all season which
    I buy thru TireRack.com who ships free to a local installer near you that they've "approved."

    Here's the tires I just put on my X drive convert today, expect the same good year around performance,
    incl in snow/ice/rain from these as I've had from other Michelin all season tires in the past.

    Michelin CrossClimate2 | 215/50R17
    Read these test results and user ratings. I've never found TireRack's info misleading or incorrect.
    Grand Touring All-Season Ratings Charts

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