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Discussion in 'E46 M3 (2001-2006)' started by mdheller, Jul 19, 2010.

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    Not sure how many of you guys are track nuts but I wanted to ask the track savy guys how they feel about rear wings on the e46 platform. I have a lot of track experience (run advanced/intructor in all clubs), but I've not had a lot of experience with wings on an e46. I've seen some Voltex applications as well as some APR applications-- does anyone have any thoughts to which is best?
    saw that link and thought it looked good, but how does something like that hold up bolted to a CF boot lid? how soon does the lid need to be replaced? Can I find one of the factory racecar wings/ boot lid set ups ?

    Also saw this:

    has anyone used either of these that can give me some advice?

    I'm also looking for some advice on a good front splitter set up, if anyone knows of a decent front splitter kit that they can recommend based on experience I would be interested to hear your thoughts. I've seen these for splitters, seem to look like they might do the trick, anyone used either?


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    Several of those links are dead. You may wish to repost them.

    BMW makes a club sport rear wing for the E46. You can find the part under realoem.com or bmwfans.info

    This is the part number:
    Part number: 51 71 7 895 560

    I don't have specific data for any aero parts on the M3. However, I would suspect you will probably see less than 100 pounds of down force at 100 mph---again, that is a guess. Any rear spoiler would have to be balanced with a front spoiler. The only ones I see worth the effort are full lenght spoilers under the front chin. Small flippers are not going to provide significant down force. Again, my opinion not backed up with testing data.

    I listened to a presentation by Steve Dinan at our local BMW dealership last year about this time. One question from the gallery was why Dinan doesn't make aero parts for BMWs. He said they are not going to produce significant results but rather are cosmetic.

    For wings to work you must be at very high speed. They are valuable on long straights like Autoclub Speedway---unless the club decides to put cones on that part of the track to slow the group down.

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