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Windshield Washer Failure

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by besweder, Oct 15, 2009.

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    The windshield washers on my E39 530i have quit working completely. Reservoirs are both full. Wipers (and therefore the switch, I assume) are working normally. Fuses look good. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Is there a relay for the washer pumps that may have failed? And, if so, where is it?

    Thanks in advance for any advice. I've ordered a Bentley manual now that I'm past my CPO warranty, but it won't be here for a few days and we've already had some winter weather here in Colorado so I'd like to sort this out as soon as possible.
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    Don't know about the E39 but I just had the windshield washer pump replaced on my E46 because, and this explanation is priceless, BMW engineers placed the pump too close to the exhaust manifold and the heat kills the pump eventually (so it will happen again when my car is out of warranty).

    Good luck!
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    Check to see if the pumps are running. They are located behind the front right (passenger) quarter panel, between the wheel and passenger door. If they are running check for bad tubing. The tubing eventually dries out and becomes brittle.

    If the pump is not running you can access it by removing the inner fender trim, then you will be able to test for power, etc.

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    to check for power just use a multimeter or test light and check to see if there is any power going to the pump if there is power than clearly the pump is dead and should be replaced i would suggest to also replace the grommet that attaches it to the washer reservoir as it will leak if you do not replace it and you will have to remove the fender well again to access it.
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    It is common for the E39 to blow the hoses off of the nozzles on the hood. If the pump runs when you pull the stalk, with the hood open see if the water comes out between the insulation and the hood. If so, put the hoses back on and zip tie or clamp them on.

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