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window issues on 08 E93

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by ripster, Dec 24, 2009.

    ripster guest

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    Has anybody heard of problems with the windows not retracting correctly? When raising or lowering the hardtop, the windows return to the closed position at the end of the cycle. Or I should say, they are supposed to. Many times one window will stop mid way through the cycle and will drop as though encountering resistance. It occurs on both the driver side and passenger side and both together. It will also occur when just rolling the windows up while using the switch that retracts all windows together. BMW has not been able to fix the problem. My service advisor tells me that I am the only person to ever complain. Here is the best part. This is my second E93, the first one had the exact same problem, BMW tried to correct the problem on 18 occasions totaling 56 days. Finally they threw in the towel and replaced the car, although I believe that was done so they would not have to label the car as a "lemon". I find it hard to believe I have had the identical problem in 2 cars and yet nobody else has had this issue.

    Any thoughts or comments?

    Rick, Fort Lauderdale.

    billloyd guest

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    Similar window issues

    Well, you're not the only one ... I hope this gives you some consolation ... just within the past week my windows (and some other little quirks) have started to act up ... I've got 54k on my 2004 M3 and my "all window" switch had never given me any problems - until now ... and it's an erratic problem which means the tech guys will NEVER be able to replicate it, much less fix it ... when I pressed down, all four window rolled down ... but when lifting up on the switch, only the two small rear windows rolled up ... it did this several times over the course of a few days ... and one time, after the back windows had rolled up, I pressed the switch down and one of the front windows rolled up while the two back windows rolled down ... right now, it seems to be OK but this smells of a fault that will raise its ugly head again and again but probably never for the dealer ... I've also begun to notice some problems with the operation of my top (which operates the windows, so maybe there's a connection) ... and, the other day, my display computer switched the outside temp reading from Fahrenheit to Celsius all on its own ... there's a bug in there somewhere.

    sarath guest

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    Agree. I've got a brand new 09 E93 and see the same behavior. Not frequently enough to get worked up, but it has happened more than a few times.

    Wanderlustbob guest

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    Ditto, have seen it as well now and then. Mostly the right front window. I have always assumed that maybe this was happening because it thought it felt something or someone in the window and I was able to close it with the individual button. I never have reported it.

    twinturbo guest

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    Yes, happens here too. Just picked upon my new '09 E93 and noticed it happens as well. Any window can be the causality, it's not specific to one or two. I'm not bothered by it (YET), but will definitely mention it when I bring my car in for it's first check up in a few months (unless it gets worse). I've experienced the same thing with both my Mercedes (E and GL) - not the windows but the sunroof - so I'm sorta used to this electronics malfunction.
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    Big Ace

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    My '08 does this most of the time. I have not reported it to the dealer as it is not that big of a problem. HPFP, injectors that go bad are the problems I take the car in for repairs.
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    You really should. For one, you're not taking advantage of a bumper-to-bumper warranty you paid for. For another, many (most?) non-safety-related service bulletins address repairs to be performed only in response to customer complaints. The more you inquire whether a fix has been found, the more likely you are to get it.

    (The key word there is "inquire." If you don't think a particular problem is terribly important but would still like it gone, make sure the dealer knows that. Repeat visits for minor issues are less worrisome without that unspoken fear of the lemon law.)

    griffisj guest

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    This happened on my 2009 E93 for the first time last week.

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