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Will warranty cover imported European-market (but official BMW) parts?

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by bradenmcg, Sep 28, 2020.

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    I've got a 2018 M2, should still be under warranty for another year (purchased in October 2017).
    About a 9 months after buying it, I imported Euro-market tail lights for it, because:
    1. Unlike many BMW owners ;-) , I use my turn signals religiously
    2. Euro-market tails have amber blinkers / indicators, which studies have proven are safer / help reduce accidents
    The lights are functionallyidentical to US-market lights in all ways and don't require any "coding" or anything special to make them work - "plug & play." They just blink orange instead of red.

    One of my EDM tail lights has started throwing sporadic "bulb failure" errors when using the turn signal. Supposedly failures in these LED tail lights are somewhat common - I've seen people on Bimmerpost and other forums complaining of failures on the US-market lights as well as the European. Unfortunately, my US-market tails are possibly "ticking time bombs" themselves, but they're sitting boxed up right now since the EDM lights are currently installed. Thankfully, the EDM lights are still "mostly working," only the left one has shown signs of problems so far, and it's been intermittent (and has gone away after trying to indicate an extra time).

    What are the chances that an American BMW dealer would honor warranty on these tail lights? They're original BMW parts (I ordered from Schmeidmann, a major web retailer in Germany), just not US-market...
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    If these euro lights are not US DOT approved it's unlikely BMWNA will have the part number in the US parts system. If it's not in the system the dealer can't write up a warranty order. It's possible that if you have a good relationship with your dealer they may eat the cost of new lights but you'll only get what's approved for use in the US.
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    On what parts originally came on the car are covered under BMW warranty.

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