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Where to buy M3 coupe for sticker in california

Discussion in 'E90/E92/E93 M3 (2008-2013)' started by jhietter, Mar 28, 2008.

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    Hey, I just joined the club and am excited to get out to some driving events, but we are looking for a new car. My local dealers want 10k-15k mark up on the m3, does anyone have a list of california, preferably bay area, bmw dealers that will sell the new m3 for sticker?

    I am looking for white with fox red interior, 19" wheels, tech package, DCG w/ paddles.

    mbotvinick guest

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    BWM of North County

    Hey I just spoke to Rochelle at North County BMW in Oceanside, CA. They have serveral M3 going for sticker. Give her a call. 760 823-6333 I have been dealing with her for years when she was at Brecht.


    lugnut guest

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    Good luck in your search. I just picked up a Space Gray/Fox Red Extended 6spd - for sticker. I know the dealerships on the east coast don't pull this sort of thing (at least not the ones near me). I could only imagine how much fun dealing with a "mark-up" dealer could be come service time, etc.

    CryNoMo guest

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    currently, here in the DC Metro Area, its been MSRP and getting on the list to order one.
    One dealer here had a e92 Jerez ready to go at sticker that someone canx out and its being given at sticker.

    2 caveats, no ZTP and had moonroof.
    a Big No! No! in my M3 book. :D
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    G'day lugnut. Apologies in advance for being a bit OT! :rolleyes:

    I am thinking of 2 colour combos for the e92 m3:

    (1) space / FR

    (2) jerez / FR

    I have seen both exterior colours in the metal, but not the FR interior :confused: I have variously seen it described as "brick red", "tan with orange hints" etc. I'd love to have your view as it seems to be a tricky colour to photograph neutrally (flash seems to tilt it to orange for e.g.)

    cheers, B

    pelove guest

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    Describe best you can the Jerex Black, in the sunlight.

    ghasley guest

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    re: Sticker or less in Cali

    Contact David Berbiglia with Prestige Imports BMW in Santa Rosa. Its in your neck of the woods and you will enjoy the experience. They delivered my car to my door here in SoCal...thats over 500 miles! Tell him Geoff from Indian Wells told you to call.
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    The Jerez car I saw was inside so can't provide this. However, I did see blue highlights in the black, even in the showroom.

    Dr Obnxs guest

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    If there's a markup, just call the next closest dealer...

    till you find one that you can do business with. Eventually the local dealers will get the idea.


    morea3ic guest

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    Negotiate . . . .


    There's "asking price" & selling price . . . .

    That said - I don't like Dealer "Pacs" either - & don't even let me get started on "Matrix Pricing" (vs "keystone") on parts . . . .

    Dealer Pacs & Matrix Pricing give credo to the "Stealer" moniker & hurt the Manufacturer as well . . . .

    One of the 3 dealers in this area had a $25k dealer pac on the M3's when they were first released - down to "only" $10k or so now.

    The other 2 had a $10k Pac at release - but both offered to drop to MSRP w/o much discussion at all. I believe they are "asking" about $5k dealer pac now.

    I understand the "street price" for the M3 is between MSRP to about $2,500 off MSRP now.

    The car is not rare, in short supply, or in any way difficult to get. BMW is no longer creating artificial demand by limiting production & will build all they can sell.

    Knowledge is power - the dealer deserves to make money - how much is between you & them . . . .


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