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When is Roundel magazine mailed out every month?

Discussion in 'Roundel Magazine' started by edyu, Nov 15, 2010.

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    Just wondering as I'm still waiting for the November issue.

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    I have what I call "the middle of the month" rule.

    If it hasn't arrived by the afternoon of the 15th, I call in.

    Yes I know today is the 15th, and I stayed home today. So if its not in my mailbox tomorrow, I am calling in.
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    Got mine in the mail last Thursday (I live in SC).
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    John in VA

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    Mine came today.
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    I guess I'll wait until Wednesday to call then considering the Veteran's Day last Thursday may mess up mails.

    thanks all

    ticky4 guest

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    missing ROUNDEL magazine

    A new member since Nov/2010, I still waiting for ANY issues.....

    Tried to check my address in registration, with no sucess (how i navigate to it?)

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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    I'll bet Steve checks in on this one!

    Hey, if it isn't in your mailbox by halfway through the month, it's worth checking with the national office.

    Since Steve Schlossman monitors a lot of these goings-on, it wouldn't surprise me if he checks in here. . . Steve?
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    steven s

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    It is a long way to Brazil from the printers. :)
    I've sent you an email.

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