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Wheels Spacers on E46?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by Cwalsh1109, Mar 18, 2009.

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    I was looking at wheels spacers on the Modbargains web site and was wondering if any one was running these. Pros/Cons to them and what size would be appropriate for an '06 325ci with Sport Package 17" wheels.
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    Normally a wheel spacer is only used if you are having rubbing issues on the inside of the tire (against the strut for instance). That can occur if you're running wider than stock tires or you change to a wheel with a different offset. Are you planning on changing wheels/tires and/or do you have tire rub at the moment or did you just want to move the wheels further out? Doing that can have a negative impact on the handling characteristics of the car because it changes the suspension geometry so you have to be a little careful before you just throw a really thick spacer on the car.

    Also, I'm not familiar with the ones on Modbargians but be sure they are hubcentric or you'll have all kinds of balance issues. Also, depending on how big the spacer is, you may need longer lug bolts.

    Just some stuff to think about...
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    I recently bought the spare tire mobility kit from LeatherZ for my 2008 335xi. It came with a spacer and it works fine. Of course the kit includes the longer lug bolts which are required when you add the spacer. I have the spare tire and kit strapped down in my little trunk and there's still room for a few small luggage items.

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