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Wheel Strength and the things they call roads in Pennsylvania

Discussion in 'BMW' started by 3hawks, Feb 5, 2020.

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    My car is finally back from the body shop after having had an accident. While it was in the shop, I asked the folks to check on the state of the Wheels. My friend (the body shop owner) informed me that I in fact had 4 bent rims. This is not the first time I have had such troubles with various cars I have owned. Said cars were mostly BMWs. 2 of the cars in the last 25 years were not BMWs. At one point, I owned an Audi A4 premium. This car was bone stock and wore the original factory wheels. While I owned the Audi, I had 2 blow outs due to pot holes. Neither of them resulted in damage to the Audi wheels. I also owned a Volvo with 1 blow out and no wheel damage. I have heard the mantra about BMW believing better to bend than to break which may be all well and good for those in states where they have real roads. That having been said, I am looking for some advice on where to find wheels which have the strength to not be bent every time I encounter yet another pothole. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Best, 3hawks

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