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wheel and tire combo

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by TBrock, Jun 13, 2011.

    TBrock guest

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    Hello everyone
    i am new here and I have a question.
    I just brough my 11 335xi sedan and I want to try to find a good wheel and tire package for it.
    I am thinking about 20" Beyern, Roderick, Savini, or Asanti wheels. I am looking for a wheel that will work well with the 4 wheel drive on the car and that is hub centric and accepts the OEM BMW center caps. Also the longer the warrenty the better, lifetime would be best.

    Ofcourse with the wheels I am looking for a set of tires to go with the wheels. I am thinking of either Pirelli, Bridgestone or possible Goodyear RFTs. With this car it is my first experience with RFTs and I have to say I like them so far. The only problem is finding the size over 20".

    So what do you think.
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    Welcome aboard and I salute your choice of BMW model. ;)
    Coupla things:

    1) Where do you live and how are the roads? Unless they are billiard-table smooth, you might be better off burning small piles of $100 bills in your driveway each week than with 20" wheels on this car. They will be very vulnerable to road-hazard damage and the ride quality will be much harsher. Wheel size is indeed a matter of taste but please do give serious thought to this, so you can enjoy driving the car as much as looking at it.

    2) Your sig reads "2011 E92 335xi N54 3.0L 4-door." The 4-door 3er is the E90 and your engine is the N55. The N54 was retired from the sedan last August.

    (Which tires were fitted to your car at the factory--Michelins, Bridgestones, ... ? Just curious.)
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    With a brand new car, I'd stick with what came on it and use 'em up (giving another couple years or so for run-flats to further improve) and when what ya got is worn enough to necessitate replacement, you'll know for sure if you want a different ride quality or possible risk of damage to rims/tires due to switching to something lower-profile, and whether you want to continue with run-flats, or not. That's assuming you're not leasing the car or absolutely decided on new wheels and tires.

    If your plan is to use the car just for a short lease term and not necessarily beyond and want a different look now, then go for what you want. As NTS mentions above, there are downsides to ultra-low profile tires & big wheels. If you opt for aftermarket wheels, consider purchasing 5 instead of 4 so you have an extra, particularly if what you go for is on sale. Sometimes wheel companies make a wheel design for a long time, sometime not. If one gets damaged beyond repair and the wheel is discontinued, finding a replacement can get to be a hassle.

    The Tire Rack puts a lot of effort into ensuring the fitment and quality of their wheels - talk to them and they should be able to advise you, assuming they have a wheel you like, if the stock center caps would likely work/fit.

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