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Whats the noise?

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by tomjbrink, Jun 21, 2009.

    tomjbrink guest

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    My 2000 323i is making a weird noise when i drive. It sounds like a "whumm whumm whumm whumm....." almost like a tire is out of round in the rear end. I replaced both rear wheels yesterday and had an alignment done, but no change in the noise. I can't tell where exactly the noise is coming from but it is quite noticable and annoying. help!
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    Wheel bearings? Diff bearings? Diff fluid level? Driveshaft u-joint? Halfshafts? cv-joint(s)? Brake-pads-contact-to-rotor issue? Guibo? Driveshaft support bearing?
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    Let us know what you find...
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    I would say you probably have a bent rim. Your tires will balance with a bent rim, you will just not be able to get rid of the noise and bump. If they are original, they can be straightened. Please let me know.
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    Does the sound change at all when you turn left or right? If it does, I would suspect a rear wheel bearing. Have you had it diagnosed yet?

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