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what kind of car am i driving e46 or e36?

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by damien_ro, Jun 17, 2009.

    damien_ro guest

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    i DON'T want to seem like a fool but I was truely under the impression that i was driving a 1999 e46 convertable. but now i don't really know.... i went to order a new cloth top with a plastic window for my baby because someone cut a nice big slice through it. and when i was looking for replacement tops for an e46 all of the windows were glass. does that mean that my car is really an e36? or just a model that got stuck in between models? any help would be greatly appreciated:)
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    I am almost certain you have an E36. In 1999 BMW introduced the E46, but only the 4 door sedan. In 1999 the 2 door coupe and convertibles were still the older model E36. This is common for BMW. Many times the convertibles will be carried over even after the a new model came out.

    This happened in 1992 when the E36 came out, the convertibles were still E30s. Same in 06 the E46 convertibles and coupes carried over. One final example is with MINI, the convertibles were the older style until just recently.
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    John in VA

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    I ran into this confusion when a friend picked up a '99 convertible. It, too, was an E36.

    This is the E36

    This is a link to the E46
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    ^^ This is what you have. There were no E46 convertibles in '99, even 2000 for that matter, so there is no mistake that you have an E36.

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