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What is the answer?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Autohaus, Apr 10, 2009.

    Autohaus guest

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    This is the type of question that is given on a test for incoming NFL rookies entering the draft.

    You are driving the bus. On the first stop Mary, Ashley and Kate get on the bus. On the second stop Charlie, Nancy and Derrick come on board. On the 3rd stop William, Jill and Joe enter. On the 4th stop Kate and Nancy get off. On the 5th stop Barry and Gary get on but Gary is turned away as he doesn't have any money. On the 6th stop Jill and Joe get off.

    What is the name of the bus driver?

    BIMMIR guest

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    Insert my own name here??
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    Bored today, Chris?
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    TeamStowell We love driving!

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    If you have time, you can come up and help me roll change to pay for this week's repair bill on the Euro! Let's see.... voltage regulator, window motor, fuel line from tank to rail, gaskets for engine, material for Aardvarc Racing 320 seats.... I need more change jars!!!

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