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What I have decided about my 750iL

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bcweir, Jan 12, 2011.

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    I don't think most of us were all that serious, we're just having fun. What you do with your baby is of course up to you. Even so, it's not hypocritical to make suggestions one might like to see though perhaps not own. For example, I'm glad there are yellow cars (esp. Dakar and even [gasp!] Phoenix) out there and think most are striking and cool, even though most aren't for me.

    Now, being the good-natured instigator that I am, someone should start a thread devoted to wheedling Satch to trade his roadster on a new Z435is with the Citrus Yellow package. And flames, of course. :D
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    No offense taken, NottheStig, but it's an illustration of something I find troubling.

    I guess I draw the line between having fun and ridicule. One is typically very positive and builds camraderie, while the other is a very self-serving and negative kind of humor.

    I would have hoped to have kept the opinions on track to things related to the topic matter, not to see the conversation get compromised with something completely silly and unrelated.

    My consternation resulted from saying no POLITELY to flames, and have the suggestions for flames keep coming despite my answer politely declining. That's no longer having fun -- that's just being disrespectful.
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    You read WAY too much into these threads and are quick to get offended and turn a thread negative. Yet you expect others to put up with what ever you write. There is a common theme here in all your threads, no matter who else is posting. Whats your beef??????
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