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What did you do to your non-BMW?

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by steven s, Apr 9, 2013.

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    steven s

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    After the leaf blower wouldn't kick over, cleaned the spark plug and replaced the gas.
    Fired right up, albeit with a lot of blue smoke.
    Any mods for it?

    Next week, replace the spark plug, filter and oil on the Torro.
    That time of year again.
    And maybe add an ///M badge to it. :)
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    BMW is missing out on the whole sports-push-mower market segment.


    Here's a nitrous-powered lawn mower, they named it Mow-Zilla.

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    I did the full Griot's on the exterior of my son's 2000 Saab 9-3. Clay bar, Machine Polish 3, One Step Sealant.
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    Picking up my Toyota T100 today. Stupid #1 spark plug backed out and blew out the threads. No easy way to fix for sure, Toyota dealership insists on complete head job (both heads) - $4K - with new head. Now my '95/125K mile $7K T100 is worth $8K.

    Don't ever let anyone tell you that Toyotas are cheaper to maintain than BMWs (although this head job is cheaper than an N52/N54).
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    Terry Sayther

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    Did you already do the repair? Spark plug thread repair inserts from HeliCoil or TimeSert are readily available. And why both heads?
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    A helicoil was put in 2 1/2 years ago. It blew out (I have the head) and there was nothing to be done like that. Well, perhaps heli-arcing new material in after cleaning it out and then re-tapping. But the spark plug hole is big enough to take the larger plug threads from older spark plugs... so I don't have much confidence of anything holding.

    They're just being picky about removing both heads. Have to admit, if you re-build (or replace) a head on a V-anything, the other side ends up being weak. The cost to do the other head was negligible in the scheme of things.
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    wellardmac Ninja World Traveler

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    Cleaned the MAF on my 911 after it tripped a check engine light. :(
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    My non-BMW? You mean my Saab Sonett?

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