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What did you do to/for your BMW today?

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by E46BAV90, May 18, 2011.

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    "Today"..... that'll have to be a 'relative' today - removed engine from the E30 to pursue ugly engine noise, (was hoping for an ez fix, nope, broken piston skirt), quickly scrapped plan to tow E30 to O'Fest and E92 became plan B, installed stainless brake lines (the inner-rears were a real pita!!!) & race pads, flushed/changed brake fluid to Motul 660, changed oil & got new battery in the E92, drove to O'fest in Ca. & back, changed oil again after 5k+ round-trip, spent better part of a day attempting to clean off bug splatter, cleaned the racing-brake-pad-dust-coated wheels (nobody would have guessed those wheels are actually silver!), swapped back the stock brake pads, and eventually headed out to 1900+ mi. round-trip to northern Minnesota & back.
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    Put a dent on the Discover Card. I finally had the airbag recall taken care of about a month ago and dealer pointed out the exhaust Vanos solenoid is leaking as is my thermostat housing. So last night I finally ordered a Dr. Vanos unit, thermostat housing, Stewart high flow water pump, hose kit, belt & pully kit and a host of other odds and ends. This is going to be interesting. I've done old fashioned Chevy water pumps, brakes and other miscellaneous repairs but this will be my first time tearing this far into a car. Wish me luck.
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    Well, I finally wrapped up what seemed to be the never ending project. When all is said and done, I gave my E46 some 200,000 mile loving. The project list included:
    • Replaced the Vanos with a Dr. Vanos unit from Pelican Auto
    • Which of course resulted in replacing the valve cover gasket
    • New thermostat and housing
    • Replaced the original (don't know how I got 200k miles out of it) water pump with a Stewart High Performance water pump
    • New radiator hoses and sensor (the radiator was replaced just 30,000 miles ago so I left it alone)
    • New pulleys
    • New belt tensioners
    • New belts
    • New heater hoses and Pipes. Boy was removing the intake manifold for this part of the project ever a treat. Same goes for fishing the cracked pipes out of the head.
    • Fresh BMW anti-freeze
    • New cold weather CCV system and vacuum line
    • Cleaned up the intake manifold as best I could and cleaned the throttle body
    • New Vanos oil pipe
    • New power steering reservoir
    • One new power steering hose (the less expensive one that is harder to get to)
    • New intake manifold gasket
    • Fresh Red Line MTL in the transmission
    • Fresh Red Line in the differential
    • Hit it with a can of intake valve cleaner (boy was this scary on the clean out drive an hour later)
    • New spark plugs
    • New upstream O2 sensors
    • Cleaned the mass airflow sensor
    • Oil change with Mobile One Euro Blend and Mann oil filter
    • New passenger side turn signal
    During this whole process, I cleaned the 200,000 mile of gunk off the engine block, components, etc. This is a large part of what took me so long. I'll tell you what, WD40 is a great engine degreaser. ;)This is biggest project I've ever undertaken. Pelican's write up had the coolant pipes etc. as a 4 out of 5 wrenches on the complexity. Wasn't so much complex as it was utterly time consuming.
    I hit 203,000 on my way in to work today and it's running smooth as a well aged Scotch. Boy is it ever nice to be driving it again after sitting for a month and a half.
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    Replaced the headlight lenses and gaskets. Can't wait to drive it at night to experience real lights again.




    I found the two part brake duct separated and one 1/2 was laying on top of the splash shield. So a bit of mission creep as I put it back together and reattached it before I put the lights back in.
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    Now that is an upgrade!
    My E36 headlights are worthless!

    Anyways, I'll be replacing my window regulator. AGAIN.
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    Over the past couple months I replaced most of the suspension. What started simply as all wheel bearings, rotors, pads and braided steel brake & clutch lines morphed into:

    • Wheel Bearings (FAG brand)
    • Slotted UUC rotors
    • Hawk street performance pads
    • New parking brake components
    • UUC braided steel brake and clutch line
    • CDV delete (why oh why did I just learn of this vs. 17 years ago when I bought it)
    • GKN Axles
    • Differential output shaft seals
    • King pin (steering knuckle) - Genuine BMW
    • Bilstein shocks & struts (The H&R springs still looked good)
    • ECS Tuning rear shock mount support
    • Strut mount (Lemforder)
    • Front control arms, inner & outer tie rods and stabilizer bar links (Lemforder)
    • Coolant expansion tank, bracket and upper radiator hose (all genuine BMW)
    • Lower air intake scoop (don't know how long it's been missing)
    • BF Goodrich G-Force Comp 2 tires and of course and alignment
    • Replaced windshield cowl that's been taking up space in my garage for a couple years.
    Still have a bit of a clunk at low speeds, especially when turning. I guess I'll need to check bushings to figure out where it's coming from but for now I'm just going to drive it. It's been way, Way, WAY to long since I drove it.
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    Installed BAVSOUND Stage One speakers. Oh my gosh, what a difference. I probably should have replaced my 18 year old factory speakers 5 years ago or longer. I went for a half hour drive just to crank the tunes. I can hear the bass, I can hear the tweeters, I can hear it with the windows down without the incessant popping I've had for the past year or two. Here's a picture to show just how bad of shape the factory speakers were in.


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