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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by steven s, Nov 5, 2011.

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    steven s

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    Welcome to our new community.
    Posts have been imported from the two previous forums.
    Options and settings will need to be adjusted as we move along.

    Please look at your alert preferences.
    By default you will receive an email whenever someone replies to a thread you posted in.

    Problems logging in even though you have logged on the homepage?
    You may not have an email address on record.
    Check your profile to be sure you have an email address recorded.

    Membership number not associated with the old website.
    Send an email to sschlossman@bmwcca.org along with your membership number.

    We will post rules are they become necessary.

    Please be patient as we address problems.
    The alternative is to go back to the previous Drupal forum.
    With any forum software package, we will have the same issues since it is imperative that it ties in with our membership database.

    Known issues (inherent in this software version)
    Usernames cannot be merged.

    Other Known issues
    Changing a username in membership record does not change in forum. fixed
    Although old username may still appear on some pages.

    Future version
    Thread prefixes
    Subscription notices with content

    Future features
    Most recent posts on forum homepage. (added 11/19/11)

    Closed threads
    Most site feedback threads that pertained to the past Drupal forum have been closed.
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    steven s

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    End of week 1 of the new forum.

    Log in issues
    The 3 or 4 log in problems this week have been due to members with multiple usernames.
    The forum allows only one membership number and email address per username.
    They have been corrected.

    Permission issues.
    Initially members could only reply to threads. That has been corrected.
    Posts went into moderation when they should not have been allowed at all.
    I believe that problem was due to inheriting permissions from the older vBulletin forum.
    That should be correct now.
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    steven s

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    End of Week 2
    Those who were experienced log in problems was because their membership number was not associated with their username in the past vBulletin website. No fault to the member.
    Few log in problems this week.

    All missing membership numbers now added to the most recent username used.
    There are still +500 usernames in the forum not associated to members.
    Meaning that they have changed their username since last posting.
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    steven s

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    Week 3
    Haven't seen any log in issues this week.
    Added BMW NA news to the BMW section.
    Added recent posts to the sidebar.
    Removed the additional login/logout in the navigation bar.

    Forced being logged out.
    I believe the site is set to log you out after 1 hour.
    It's there in case someone forgets to log out themselves for security reasons.
    Most of us a smart enough to log out on a public computer. Most of us.
    We need to consider everyone.

    I don't find myself being logged out of the forum as quickly as long as I keep the window open.
    I'll continue to look into it.

    Hopefully the forum will be updated to the next version shortly.
    Noticable improvements will be for those who subscribe to threads.
    Thread prefixes. This will help in the model discussion area.

    Please use the Share This Page functions so we can attract more members.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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    steven s

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    Week 4
    Added additional content to sidebar.
    Looking to get an update to bring in a few more features.

    Other than logging out after an hour of inactivity, I've read no complaints.
    Nothing positive either. :rolleyes:
    Logging out is the nature of the website, not the forum.
    We are looking to improve the time needed to log in and to extend the duration staying logged in.

    National Elections
    Added forums

    Seems someone had decided to set everyone's birthdays to 1/1/1950 in the old vBulletin forum.
    These dates where imported and there is no user option to change the date.
    Updated all dates 1/1/1950 to 0/0/0 to allow updating birthdates.

    Additional Contacts
    Removed additional contacts (Facebook, Google, etc) under settings for now due to an authentication error.
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    steven s

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    Loosing track of the weeks.
    Everything seems to be rolling along.
    Next month should bring in better email notices.
    Additional notices at the top of the forum unique to specific criteria.
    Most won't even notice (no pun intended) them.

    This is a funny club. The drupal forum (the in between forum between last year's vBulletin and present) had so much chatter from so few how terrible it was. The lose of the old content, unable to follow threads and the list goes on. Now that it's been replaced, nothing. I guess that means people don't hate it.

    Well, I'm off on vacation for the first time in I can't count how many years. :)
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    steven s

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    It seems like the forum is picking up, but maybe not judging by this graph.
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