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Website Feedback - Guest User Access

Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by Brian A, Dec 31, 2008.

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    Brian A

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    The BMWCCA.org website has a problems when accessed without "logging in".

    I just returned from a 10 day family vacation where I was accessing the internet through a hodgepodge of odd computers (e.g. my father's, who adamantly keeps his 56 kbps dialup ISP which charges him by the precious minute). My password did not seem to be working so I reset it and after doing so, seemed to have locked myself out of the website. For the duration of the vacation, I hit the BMWCCA.org as a "guest".

    For various reasons, I did not check the 'Remember Me" checkbox when I tried to logged in. That turns out to be the problem: it is not possible to log in without checking this box.

    Here are the glitches I unearthed while hitting the website as a "guest' these last 10 days:

    - A User cannot log in without checking the "Remember Me' check box. Checking the box should permanently remember your log-in credentials: not checking the box should remember your log-in credentials for the duration of your session. Instead, not checking it does not log you in at all.

    - Guests are offered a "Today's Posts" link in the forums. This would be cool, but this link does not work. The website returns a "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms." message.

    - The forums cannot be searched by dates only (an 'uncommon' key word is also required). Now that I've logged in and viewed the website once, the 10 days of "new posts' are no longer available to me. I cannot search the Forums to find the ones I've missed. I wanted to do a search for ALL threads and posts from the last week.

    - the DIY forum is hidden from Guest users. Initially, this forum may have been conceived as for the "top secret" member stuff, but it morphed into something different; there is as much "top secret" stuff in the model forums. Guest accessibility to the various forums needs to be rethought.

    - On the Home Page, the slide show loads before the drop-down items on the menu bar. This was painful at 56 kbps. The menus should load first, then the pretty stuff. I only saw the top 10% of each slide anyway since most computers I used had a tiny screen resolution.
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    I second this feedback. I'm on a fast (cable modem) connection and the menu load time is very slow and everytime you go back 'home' it has to re-load before the menu drag-down features are available. This is more than annoying and will only get worse as use of the User Forums increases.
    Please at least load the menues first so that we may skip the 'slide show' if you already know where you want to go.
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    +2 and no I am not using dial up! :D Even with DSL it takes time for the pictures to load before the drop down menus. :(

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