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Using steptronic transmission and paddle shifters

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Wanderlustbob, May 14, 2009.

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    Could have put it in autox, driving school, E9x section :D

    It's a question about a BMW, how can it be off topic on a BMW forum:D

    I guess my question is under what conditions are you talking about. If you're talking about how to shift this weekend at the autox, there is only 1 shift. Start in furst, and about 3 sec later, shift to 2nd, and forget about it. The entire course is done in 2nd gear. Unless you're doing a fair amount of high speed driving events where you are doing a lot of gear changes per lap, you shouldn't need an maintenance schedule like in that link. As I don't drive automatics :p I'll let others give input. But here is a free bump.
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    As long as the tranny doesn't automatically upshift, having a steptronic tranny with paddle shifters would do OK on the track. In autocross, you'll be lucky if you see 3rd gear, depending on the track. My first and only autocross so far required only 2nd gear, and never got close enough to redline to have to shift. And, keep in mind, my redline is 4500 RPM. lol

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