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Using iPhone without BMW Assist link

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by VWconvert, May 29, 2009.

    VWconvert guest

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    Hey all,

    Got a 2008 135i with the USB iPod adapter, but when I ordered it, didn't opt for the BMW Assist, due to it's rather pointless nature in my eyes. However, upon taking delivery of the car, I was then informed that despite the Bluetooth module in the trunk, the multiple microphones throughout the car, and the buttons and functions in the wheel and stereo ... the phone functions on my iPhone would be inoperable without the BMW Assist option (not a post-production option due to the new headliner and various issues).

    So ... suspecting that all that is really missing is the BMW Assist acting as a link between these various components (or at least being the module with the necessary hardware/software) I have been trying to find an aftermarket or OEM kit that might solve this.

    I have yet to find anything, does anyone know if there is such a thing as an aftermarket kit (sans BMW Assist functionality) that would render the hands-free operable?

    Jonathan Spira guest

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    First, I'm not sure how why you think BMW Assist is "pointless," but one of the points is Bluetooth connectivity. If you don't have the BMW Assist module, you don't have a separate Bluetooth module since it's built into the Assist module.

    In some cars it is possible to add a separate BMW Bluetooth module.

    Check with BimmerNav

    VWconvert guest

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    I guess my iPhone works well enough for me in the communications department :)

    Thanks for the feedback and the site link, I guess I was under the impression the module in the trunk was the Bluetooth/Sat Radio/USB controller, whereas perhaps the Bluetooth badging means its simply Bluetooth-ready? That makes sense in that case.

    At any rate, it appears they haven't made anything for the 1-series yet, can't say as I'm surprised though. Historically speaking, chances are, I've got a bit to wait yet before retrofits for this become common.

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