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Usefulness (and Useability) of Autoenginuity and/or Bavarian Technic Diagnostic Software

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by clbomo2001, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Both Autoenginuity and Bavarian Technic advertise in Roundel. Issue for me is how easy, medium or hard either is to learn to use productively. I am an otherwise PC tech smart person (and DIYer for my 540i 6 spd and my son's 2000 323). I had emailed Autoenginuity with questions like those below but never heard anything back. Still giving Bavarian Technic a couple more days.

    I would value any guidance you are willing to share.

    Sample questions:

    1) Does the same product work for a 1995 e36 5 speed, a 2001 e46 325 (Steptronic) and a 2001 e39 540 (6 speed)?
    2) Are there specific additional cost cable adapters needed for these models?
    3) Does the user have to have technical training in order to understand how best to set up and / or interpret the data that the product renders?
    4) Are there any print or online resources describing the norms for the various tests, e.g. the such-and-such relay should normally read “x”, and if it reads “Y”, there is a problem.
    5) Does Autoenginuity and/or Bavarian Technic provide and/or sell those resources (in print, online)?
    6) Can the equipment be used for "tailoring" tasks like setting door locks, or setting the HVAC front panel - – the one with the buttons? (When replaced with a new unit, the 2001 e39 HVAC dash unit must be set to a specific region, like North America.)

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    I own AutoEnginuity and I have to say I am pleased with their product. You have to purchase the BMW Enhanced pack which is a software and hardware extension above the standard ODBII. This enables you to retrieve and reset many OEM specific codes such as the ABS codes. You can also run tests against these same systems. There is a list of which cars they cover on their website.

    1. They do include the pre-OBDII BMW multi-DIN plug with the BMW Enhanced pack but 2 of my OBDII cars have this plug so I am not sure if they cover a pre-OBDII car like the 95 E36.
    2. Any layman can run this software.
    3. No. Plus they have excellendt technical support. Their custom service people can walk you through sections that you are having trouble with.
    4. You will receive OEM trouble codes if your car behaves outside the norms but no there are not detailed charts of what those parameters are because they are in your DME.
    5. I don't believe AE does.
    6. Ah, no. You would need the BMW GT1 software for that. But like I said for a 2003 M3 you could cycle through, and bleed your ABS system. You can also active and test all sorts of systems like you mirrors and dashboard.

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