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Uppunda Stuff

Discussion in 'E36 (1992-1999)' started by Palmashooter, Jan 9, 2009.

    Palmashooter guest

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    Okay, so my topic title is a bit caddish, but it's funny and gets you thinking in the direction I'm having a problem. Apparently the roads here in Oklahoma are beginning to take their toll on my '94 318ti. The inner wheel well has come loose and the plastic piece that covers the area from the front lip to the radiator has broken free. Of course, this means my brake ducts are MIA. I'm looking for sources for replacement parts and some tips on keeping it all fastened together. TIA!

    PS The proper names for the items in question would be greatly appreciated.
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    steven s

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    Wire ties! I have my inner linings being held with wire ties and screws with fender washers.
    There is someone parting out a ti now.

    Palmashooter guest

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    '96 hehe. Wire ties? Is that like baling wire? Or are you talking zip ties?
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    You would be surprised at how cheap those inner linings are from BMW, at least on my E30s they are. Like $15. I have replaced a couple. If just the screw hole gets torn, I just put a big washer on the screw to hold it in.

    These pieces break pretty easily, particularly in the winter when it is cold.
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    Nylon 'zip ties' are properly called 'wire ties' because that's what they were designed to do: tie wires together. Do a Google search for 'wire ties' and see what you get.

    Mekihead guest

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    Dude, with the exception of a few key bolts, my entire front bumper, pork chops, brake ducts and underpanel are all held on by zip ties. I love these things.
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    I replaced one of the wheel liners on my E36 for about 45 dollars, including the plastic triangle shaped underpanel, and the brake duct. I bought the parts from either pelican or bavauto.

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