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Update or Replace

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by wbmunroe, Mar 9, 2015.

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    So... My 2006 E90 has me at a true crossroad. I would like to see more power out of it, but I'm leary of putting a great deal of $$ into it at 112k miles. While the thought of replacement has been on my mind for the last 6 months or so, I'm open to suggestions on upgrades to this beautiful vehicle. Is it worth spending the money to try and upgrade a 9 year old 330i with 112k miles? Or, do I look for an upgrade by way of a different model. If you have seen any of my past posts, the 8 Series, 6 Series, M5, and Alpina B7 have all been targets of my curiosity.

    Any input will be greatly appreciated. My E90 is comfortable, and I really enjoy driving it. However, the thought of $2-3k of upgrades, along with any wheel replacements, etc... makes me nervous with the 112k miles.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Replace, with a M235i. Just because I can't afford to do it doesn't mean you shouldn't. Then you can post pictures of it and I can drool over it. :)
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    I have to think you're the best one to decide that - I'll presume your goal would be higher hp. Without hitting up all the variety of sites or Roundel advertisers, I'm sure that just like so many other BMW's, there's hardly any part of the car that doesn't have any variety of aftermarket options - so, it gets to figuring out what you want, the budget, options to consider, etc. My usual recommendation for upgrades is to decide on specific goals, budget what you want to spend, and prioritize options to meet your goals & plans, whatever they might be.

    Now, if you want M-car performance, especially starting from stock, it's gonna take M-oney, & a fair amount of it. Your car is what, something like about 230 hp? All the basics will add hp, but, by the same token, it's only gonna go so far - a few additional hp per added bit - cold air intakes, ecu reprogramming, performance muffler for starters, then it only gets more expensive from there - camshafts, headers. Considering there's other turbo models, not sure how cost-effective going that route, or supercharging might be &, that's probably moving along towards what, $3-4-5K for turbo or supercharging kits/parts? Then there's engine rebuilding for bigger displacement, but again, $$$$$. If the least expensive options don't substantially accomplish what you'd like, I'm not sure I'd say it'd be worth throwing money towards it, since the next steps might substantially ramp up costs considering what's achieved.

    As for the E31 8's, keeping one of those in running order can become a monetarily daunting proposition & labor of love, so research & know what you're in for.

    The others you mention, depends on the vintage - The Alpina B7's are cool & super-luxurious performance, especially for a really big car, but, I could see potential there for big money fixes post-warranty, since the tour-de-force uber-tech top-of-the-line 7's are also among BMW's most electronic-systems-complicated models.

    Downsides of M-cars, expensive to run, maintain, insure, & repair - but, no matter how ya look at it, ya gotta pay-2-play, fun has its price. I don't have experience w/ your engine, but generally, I wouldn't expect any particular issues at your mileage with simple things like an exhaust or ecu flash (but, research any potential problems w/ ecu flashing if you opt for that).

    I _would_ say use the E36 M3 for driving fun, although considering the E90 makes nearly as much hp, perhaps it feels as quick or quicker. If you want to make your E90 feel screaming fast, drive a early 80's 4-cyl. Datsun around for several days or a week & then hop back in the E90! ;)

    Upping the handling ante seems like the only practical reason for different wheels, to accommodate wider perf. tires?
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    Well, out of the blue, comes an unexpected opportunity... A 1996 850ci with 122k miles. This vehicle has been "rebuilt" by a "Master Mechanic". While it shows 6 owners on the Autocheck, it also shows a Rebuilt Title. Now, from what I have learned from friends in surrounding states (me in Oklahoma, car in Texas), a Texas "rebuilt" title requires a separate certification from the DMV, and only then can it obtain a rebuilt title versus a salvage title. There are no indications of frame damage. No pixels out on the CPU. Headlights both operate (although they've been replaced with HID). All in all, for the money ($6500), I may dive off this cliff! ;-) If it's a rocky landing, I may still be able to re-sell it a few years from now, and be able to have spent some time with the E31!
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    I would say if your looking for more HP it really depends on how much you want. It is really expensive to upgrade the non turbo e90's to decent numbers (though still not that great). I would vote for a upgrade not sure about the title issue since it will hurt your resale. Just make sure you have the car checked out before you buy. As mentioned above the M cars are very expensive to maintain and repair same with anything alpina. Try for a 840ci instead of a 850 repairs are cheaper and a lot less labor so you could do some more yourself.

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