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Unknown membership status

Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by SchnuckiE30, Apr 5, 2011.

    SchnuckiE30 guest

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    Since I can't find a contact area to send this, I'll send here and follow recommendations.

    I moved 5 months ago, sent my update information through post office and updated my infm'n to the CCA. Since then, I've received one copy of Roundel - the February issue and none other.
    What/who do I contact to get my infm'n updated so I can get at least the April and following issues?

    Please advise.

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    steven s

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    You had an address change late Feb so the March issue would have gone to your old address.
    If you haven't received April, you will probably receive it very soon.
    I received mine April 1.

    Syrupflow guest

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    Yeah I just got mine 2 days ago.

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