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under seat computer failure/corrosion

Discussion in 'E85 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by ajrose60, May 31, 2008.

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    2004 bmw Z4 - under warranty - original owner -- recently lost power to convertible top (no red light indicators at ON/OFF button), radio amplifier (tuner OK), turn signal and high beam ON indicators. the airbag master malfunction indicator light is ON continuously.
    BMW says that the problem stems from a corrosion problem at the computer box under the driver's seat from accumulated puddled water. i know of no instance of having puddled water in this area nor of even having a damp/wet carpet in the interior of the car. the vehicle is always garaged when not in use. BMW maintains that they are not responsible for this situation and the onus of responsibility and repair costs (about $2000) lie with the owner, namely me. the car is always garaged at its florida home. since i have never even seen the carpets wet, i dispute the puddled water explanation. is this type of computer failure/corrosion at all common?
    can they blame this on me and duck the warranty coverage?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Sorry to hear about your trouble. Strange one . . . . did you buy new? Flood maybe?

    While I have no experience with your particular problem or BMW warranty, when experiencing problems with any company/product that is THEIR FAULT - I politely, but firmly, work my way up the ladder (chain of command), asking for the name of the persons superior, until I get to someone who will provide me satisfactory resolution.

    I always get the persons name who I am speaking to BEFORE beginning any conversation, & document everything including time & date.

    If at the end of this process (company president) - I am still not satisfied that I have received a REASONABLE conclusion (that seldom occurs on a legimate issue - & I don't expect to get my mistakes subsidized) - I may refuse to do further business with that company, & will tell many others as well . . . .


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    Club Ombudsman . . . .

    BTW - I think the Ombudsman helps Club Members get problems resolved . . . .
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    corroded computer reply to morea3ic

    thank you morea3ic,
    i like your approach and thoughts on the subject. i try to conduct my
    business accordingly. nice to hear some support.
    interestingly enough, i picked up the car new as a special order from the
    factory showroom at spartanburg and it was a rewarding experience.
    very accomodating/knowlegeable staff thoughout the factory, show facilities,
    and track. there have been no floods.
    i am interested to hear if other people have had moisture problems with this computer.
    at this point i think that i would like to see the corroded computer and the under
    seat carpeting/flooring condition with the seat removed to get a better idea
    of the physical area that housed this control.
    hopefully the dealer/bmwna will be reasonable in their final assessment of the
    issue and that the resolution will be amicable.
    thanks again, allen

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