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ummm..... Satch??

Discussion in 'Rallying' started by MGarrison, Sep 1, 2010.

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    "1998: ....We're going to write it up any day now. . ...."

    Now, hey man, I know ya been busy an what all, but uh..... 12 years?? :p

    Kinda like one of the old jokes my dad's always liked telling:

    A man decided to join a monastery; The head abbot explained that he would have to take a vow of silence, but every four years, the brothers would gather for a communal dinner, and each would be allowed to speak two words.

    So, the man agreed, and joined the monastery. 4 years passed, and he didn't utter a word. Finally, they all gathered for the banquet and each man stood up and spoke their two words. When it got to be his turn he stood up and said: "Bed.. Hard.." and sat back down.

    Another 4 years pass, he's been there 8 years, and there is another banquet. This time, he stands up and says: "Food... Lousy...", and sits back down.

    4 more years go by, and the brothers are back together again for the next banquet. Now he's been there 12 years. When it becomes his turn, this time the man stands up and says: "I Quit!" and he walks out.

    As he was gathering his things to leave, the head abbot stopped in to look in on the man and told him "You know, I could see this was coming from the way you've been complaining lately."

    Great to see ya @ O'Fest & thanks to you and the rallymeisters for a great O'Fest TSD!
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    I'll have that autocross sidebar for ya ... any day now.

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